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Our mission to end the modern form of slavery. Join the Movement and be a part of History. Tell the story to the world and share the vision with others.

The main focus is to help the victims get relief and protection through legal system and voice their stories to the world. We are fighting for a social cause and justice to make a better life for everyone. We request visitors to get involved and volunteer your services in a way you can and please contribute if you value dignity in human life.

In this modern age, why do anyone need sponsorship to work or live in this country. Why is this practice in the name of business and economy still being advocated by billion dollar companies and U.S. Immigration system, allowing millions of people to live in fear and insecurity as a Visa holder. Everyone knows the truth that H-1B Visa holders get paid low salary compared to U.S. Citizen and still people have to face the abuse and threat of private companies and individuals. Is this a developed country? Still living in stone age treating people as slaves and claiming to be greatest democracy in the world. It is a shame, that no one is willing to stand up and fight against this cruelty against humanity. We all need to speak up in one single voice, Life without Dignity is not worth to Live. I request everyone one to think for the future of every life and support the mission and ask the U.S. Government Authorities, Senate, House of Representative, President and Supreme Court Judges to unanimously put a stop and end this Visa Sponsorship Program immediately. We can take one step closer to true freedom and liberty for all.